Baladiña Albariño 2018



Albariño is a native grape derived from the coastal vineyards of Rias Baixas in Galicia – an area in the northwest corner of Spain that prides itself for its hilly land with a moist climate where the world’s most exceptional and purest Albariño grapes thrive. Albariño is one of the few Spanish white grape varieties produced as a varietal wine on its own and has an official label from the Consejo Regulador ensuring the highest quality standards. Baladiña is a zesty, elegant, crisp, dry and aromatic Albariño wine with soft and refreshing characteristics of citrus and peach.Due to its low yield, difficulty to cultivate and extremedelicacy, Baladiña is an exceptional wine that boasts an understated complexity balanced with subtle earthy notes. High average rainfall and cool climate help retain crisp and mouth-watering acidity in Baladiña’s grapes – vital for the distinctive style, intense flavor, and pleasant floral aromas. With a view ofthe Atlantic Ocean waters, Baladiña’s vines are enriched by a cool, damp micro-climate unique to this hilly, coastal region. These conditions give Baladiña’s grapes a crisp and mouth-watering flavor and acidity, vital for the distinctive and perfected style of Baladiña. Baladiña can enhance any occasion and any type of cuisine, whether it be as a refreshing day time wine, as an aperitif, at sunset or paired with a meal. Given its bold acidity, citrus flavor, and crisp minerality, Baladiña is a versatile wine that pairs with a wide range of dishes from various continents and stands up to a diverse international fare of globally-inspired cuisines.

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