George Rings

The Monarch


New York

A golden-hued citrine sphere sits snugly inside a warm rim of gold.

Inspired by rings of antiquity, we chose tone-on-tone for The Monarch -- the spectrum of rich yellows providing a reassuring glow that deepens with time and use. 

Of special note: the underside of The Monarch is made of solid gold -- no exposed gemstones or hollow curves; just a continuous circle of gold around your finger. This detail will, of course, only really be known by you, the wearer. No apologies though, The Monarch is -- above all -- a private pleasure.


Solid 18k yellow gold

~12mm natural citrine, ethically sourced

Each ring is stamped with the George Rings™ crown

Handmade in the USA by our skilled goldsmiths, just for you. Ships approximately 3-4 weeks after receipt of your order.